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    I'm hoping marlin fans can help in letting the company know that they need to continue making the 1894 in the 41 Remington Mag. I've been looking for years and always seem to be a day late. I never heard why they quit, but if Marlin fans would send a letter or call, I'm hoping the collective voice will convince them there is a dedicated following for the 41 mag. Thanks in advance for any thing you do.

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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!

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    41 fan

    welcome scouter! I agree, I like the latest release, some years back with the pistol grip stock rather than the straight grip(that's just me). the problem for me is price, most are around $1000 bucks, too rich for my blood. But I have two .41's, a S&W 57-5 Mtn Gun and a Ruger Blackhawk. I reload all my own ammo, it's the only way to be cost effective.

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    I'd rather see one in 10mm ;)
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    I'd rather see them put the 10mm in the Camp Carbine...then it would be more than just a defensive weapon.

    I have a couple .41mags. A Marlin and a Dan Wesson. I think in this day and age most view the .41mag as a 'cult' caliber and don't deem it acceptable for full time mass production. The best we can hope for at this point is an occasional 'special run'.