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    I picked up a Model 80 in a pawnshop recently. I have a couple of questions about it. I believe it to be from 1952-54 since it has a new type extractor (52 and later) and Ballard rifling (changed in 54 to Micro-Groove). The barrel says Model 80, not 80 DL, so it should have regular open sights, but this one has a peep sight put on by a previous owner. He removed more wood than necessary and left a square hollow place below the sight. I can't find a brand name on the sight and I would appreciate any information anyone has about it. My second question is what can I do about the chunk of wood that Bubba removed? I thought of trying to find a small piece of walnut and shaping it to fit, and refinishing the stock to attempt to blend it in. I don't really know how to do that. I suppose it would have to be glued in? Or is there another brand of peep that fits the gap in the wood? Again, any suggestions would be appreciated. The sight isn't all that bad, and I may just leave it be for now. Also, since I am pretty lazy, I may not rush into repairing the stock, since it has no effect on function, but I would like the information to help decide what to do.

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    Peep sight

    There is a Marlin collectors association that may be able to give you more info.