Marlin X7VH opinions

Discussion in 'Other Marlin Rifles' started by Irish, Mar 3, 2013.

  1. Irish

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    What's your opinion on this rifle? I'm thinking about the .308 for Target/Whitetail hunting. I would put a Boyds X7 gunstock on it but I am wondering how accurate it is ?
  2. Irish

    Irish Active Member

    Didn't know if it was good?

  3. ErnieKY

    ErnieKY Member

    They must be pretty decent, they seem to be sold out everywhere I've checked. May have to get a youth model if you're going to re-stock it anyways. I don't think youth models come in a heavy barrel though.
  4. oldbrass

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    A modern bolt action rifle is a tack driver..I`d just about bet that rifle is capable of accuracy beyond the ability of the shooter..practice makes perfect..
  5. SWO1

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    I have the 7XVH in .223. Shoots TINY HOLES. Best group so far was .226 for a 5 shot group. I quit at Turkey and Deer season last fall so dont know how good it will get.

    My youngest gradson has the 7X Youth Model in .308. It has the tapered barrel. I worked up a load for my Rem 700 Heavy barrel for Deer Season that shot .397 with hunting loads. The same load only shot .600+ from the Youth Marlin. But again I quit because of deer season. The same load shot .700+ from my other grandsons Savage .308. Dont think its the guns, its the load. Both the Savage and Marlin shoot .500 and better with Rem Core-Loks. The accu-trigger adjusted down to about 2.4 on the .308. On the .223 it went down to 2.1.

    If I get another .308 IT WILL BE THE MARLIN.....:D