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Marlin795 with Tech Sights and Scope

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Anyone try a setup with both on the dovetail 3/8" mount? Looks like the see-thru scope rings might work so you can use iron or scope.

How did the cheek weld feel? Did it seem a little high?
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This may not help you much, but ever since I got my tech sights my scopes have been sitting in a box. I can shoot just as far with the tech sights as I could with a scope. Yesterday I did 160yd shots on bowling pins with success and If I can reach out that far without a scope, it's all good. Besides I think your scope would need to be mounted a little high to use both. I've always tried to keep my scope as low as possible. Just my opinion YMMV...:)
I used a cheap Barska with 3/8 dovetail that worked, but the quality of the scope wasn't there which is a reason not buy a cheap piece of glass. A decent scope might work better. The tech sights were much better, but the issue I had is that you need to check the front sight often especially if you're in the field with it (not bench resting) as the tech sight for the marlin can pop out. I never had this issue with the tech sight on other rifles.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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