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When we saw that actor Chris Pratt, fresh of his movie success as Star Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy, is now rocking a Marlin 1895 SBL in .45-70 Government for his role as "Raptor Whisper" Owen Grady in the upcoming Jurassic World film (a rifle that we think goes great for velociraptor taming), we decided to look at some of the other Marlin screen roles out there.

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According to the good folks over at the Internet Media Firearms Database, who burn lean muscle tissue into the night analyzing such things, Marlin firearms have appeared in quite a few films and television shows. While no Marlin handguns or shotguns have made it on to the screen, four cowboy carbines (M39, M1893, M1894, M1895 and 336) as well as three rimfire plinkers (925, 983, 995) and the ubiquitous Camp Carbine have.

The 1893 appeared in the Clint Eastwood spaghetti western For a Few Dollars More in the hands of some pretty crazy hombres

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Wild the Hunchback (Klaus Kinski) armed with a Marlin 1893 rifle. Via IMDFB

The 1894 has been in the oddball Chinese western The Good, the Bad, the Weird while the '39 made an appearance in the 1978 George A. Romero flick Dawn of the Dead and screen icon Robert DeNiro is seen with a Marlin Camp Carbine in the Robert Rodriguez film Machete.

However, the most popular Marlin on the big screen is the legendary Model 336, having appeared in more than a dozen films to include Red Dawn (Wolverines!), My Name is Bruce, King Kong Lives, and Snake Eater.

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Arturo "Aardvark" Mondragon fires the Marlin Model 336C from the pickup truck. Via IMFDB

Marlins have also seen much use on the small screen as seen shows ranging from the sci-fi classic Firefly (where a Model 1895 popped up several times), Falling Skies, and Continuum.

Then of course, there is Mad Men, where a Marlin bolt-action .22 served as a plot point in which the obnoxious Pete Campbell used exceedingly poor trigger discipline and muzzle control. You know the one if you saw the show, the rifle he got for $22 after trading his a "chip and dip" he received as a wedding present.

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Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser) shows off his new rifle in his office. Photo via IMFDB

Although this is an anachronism as the first season of Mad Men was set between March and November 1960 while the Model 25 didn't debut until the spring of 1982. A closer match would have been the Marlin Model 101 - which was in production from WWII until 1976. The show's writers were dead on in the price range though-- in 1965, the MSRP of the Model 101 was $22.95.

In short, it looks like everyone from the coast to coast-- with Hollywood and 1960s Manhattan, can agree that a Marlin just has a particular swagger that you can't resist.
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