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    took the boy out with a few mausers today, tryin out some new recipes.
    1941 German Mod98k with Mojo sight, 1932 Spanish 1916 pattern carbine, and 1931 Spanish long rifle, it was mild rain all day, but what fun !!
    The german is a 8x57 and the Spaniards are 7x57's, the carbine needs a new barrel, but still fun to shoot.
    The German 98k "Rocks", check out this group at 85 yards w/iron sights.
    I can barely see that far! LOL let alone shoot without a scope !:D
    1956 1959 1960

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  2. Bucky

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    I have a 6.5x55 Karl Gustaff , made in 1915
    an a 1935 8mm Turkish Mauser
    They are nice

  3. Spoon

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    I reckon the 8 would help stoke your stores with venison! Always good to share time with family...even if you had a little rain;)
  4. FOUR4D4

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    are those like Motion Nagets?
  5. tahoe2

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    I think the only similarities to a Mosin is a wood stock , a bolt handle, and pointy bullets.
    the German 98 mauser is the most copied action in the world (I think).
    I believe the most true to form copies are the "controlled round feed" Winchester Model 70 , the Ruger 77 Mk II , and the CZ 550 ( there could be more).
    There is also the Zastava line of Mauser rifles but I don't know who imports them. :D
    I also have a Yugo 8mm sporter the contributes to the freezer annually, it's a great round , and not punishing to shoot either.
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  6. Bucky

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    The 6.5 is a K96
    the 8 mm is a K98

    I do not like using the 8mm Mauser because the only ammo I have is FMJ, and they are just too dangerous to use, as they keep going
    I have too many other projects on the go to worry about doing and reloads for it.
    I may use the ammo uo on a pig shooting trip, but thats about all