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    On my recent trip back an interesting comparison to $$ of a cup of coffee at now trending, McDonalds at gas stations. I paid $1.85 a gallon of gas and $1 for coffee in Tenn (Kingsport). As I drove most of the way across Tenn, thru Ky, a little of Ill, and across Mo I noticed the price of their coffee seemed to go along with Gas Prices. As the gas went up and down so did the coffee prices. I paid from $1 to $1.38 and I noticed the price of gas ran from $1.85 to $2.37.
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    I always carry a couple mugs and go to the places that sell you a mug full for the price of a refill. Saves about 50% off the cost of a new cuppa.

    Oh, no discount though if you bring in a red can for gas. ;)

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    McDonald's around here serves Newman's Own coffee, which I very much like. I don't know if that is just local or if they do it nationally. But in NH, Dunkin' Donuts is the king of coffee, and we have Starbucks but I don't really care for either. When our big office was in the process of being closed down they stopped buying coffee and I would stop at McDonald's on the way in because they had $1 any size and I could convince them to put 2 espresso shots in a cup by themselves and just charge me for the 2 shots. Then that McDonald's raised the price of large and a Cumberland Farms opened up. "Cumbi's" has about 10 varieties, but only one size cup for $0.99, so $1.08 with the "meal" tax in NH. I prefer the dark roast espresso blend and it's free coffee Friday for the month of October.

    We have a local roaster in town and I buy their whole bean coffee and store in mason jars. I manually grind just before brewing in a regular old drip machine with unbleached filters when I make coffee at home on the weekends. For the office, I will bring in some of my ground beans and use a french press occasionally but otherwise here it's K-cups, Italian Roast of Dark Magic.

    I like walnut and steel rifles not black rifles. I like black coffee not walnut and steel coffee. Weird.
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