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ME Shooters

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How many of you guys are shooting Marlin Express rifles? I have a 308ME. I don't have a lot of rounds down range yet, but I am impressed so far. The factory Hornady ammo has been very accurate in my rifle. All the reloads I have tried have been pretty good as well.

I have an invite to go mule deer hunting in western NE this year so I have been working on some 150gr reloads. I haven't come up with anything better than the 160gr factory ammo so I may just use the Hornady stuff.

Anybody have ME experiences they would like to share?
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That sounds like a lot of hiking for a guy banged up in a motorcycle wreck. Glad the .338 put 'em down for keeps. Thanks for sharing.
Welcome to the forum. I really like your caliber choices. My 308ME is a real shooter and I love my 32spl's. I wish you luck in Alaska. If my schedule and money hold up I'll be taken my 308ME to western NE for mule deer.
I have thought about the 338ME quite a bit and I am just not sure what I would do with one. The 308ME is better suited for the game animals I hunt. However, if I find one at the right price I could be talked into one pretty easily.
1 - 4 of 13 Posts
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