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Measuring groups

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Whats the prober method used for measuring groups inside diameter or center to center?I guess its time to google :D
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Depending on the conditions (weather) all that time is used to read wind and heat mirage at the base of your target between shots. Also to regulate your heartbeat and breathing.
From knockin beer cans off the fence post to pokin 1" groups at 1000 yds. There are too many forms of recreational and compitition shooting to even begin to list here. Each has its standard shooters strive to obtain. Group measurement pertains to a few of those.
Stop dreaming Mate !
I do not care who it is, that is a massive call
Now if you were to say, "hit a balloon at 1000 yards" I might believe you.
You see there are too many variables for that

Chers Bucky
Dreams do come true..........Check out the link:
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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