Meet the Hunter's Day, today

Discussion in 'General Chit-Chat' started by Bucky, May 4, 2013.

  1. Bucky

    Bucky Well-Known Member

    Sunday in Oz, and we are having a get together, Bar B Q, and a shoot up.

    A "get to know you day", for our "pig shooting trip" in July, now only 9 or 10 weeks away.

    There are 3 guy's I have never shot with before, so a good day to set up some ground rules EARLY

    1) Safety ... Safety.. Safety
    2) no Piss (alcohol only after the rifles and shotguns are locked up)
    3) no idiots
  2. Gumpy

    Gumpy AKA Richard Prestage

    All logical!!! Good ground rules for any camp!

  3. FOUR4D4

    FOUR4D4 Well-Known Member

    I dont want you even sniffing a bottle cap till their locked up kiddies
  4. Spoon

    Spoon Well-Known Member

    I've parted ways with more than one longer-term acquaintance for failing to use proper judgement afield. Maybe getting shot a couple times by too eager quail hunters in mesquite and sand dune country as a youngster soured me on trusting others. Hope you BBQ & Shoot goes well today.