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I sit back today, thanking of those who served and are now gone.
My 4th great grandfather, emigrated from Scotland, prior to the Revolutionary War. Where it has been written, Elias Clark, abandoned the plow, to battle for Freedom. Entering with the Empire State Militia and Ending with the Constitutional Army.
4 - 2x great uncles, who served with the Michigan Volunteers in the Civil War.
Brothers Peter and Charles Clark, and brothers James and Robert Henderson.
Of these brothers, one made it home, Peter. He was severely wounded at Gaines Mills Va, being shot 4 times.
My Great Grandfather Fred Clark served in the US Calvary ( wish I could find more on him) as well as my Grandfather Charles Clark, who enlisted at, from what I was told, when he was 16 , with the 13 Calvary, ending up chasing Poncho Villa during the Mexican Expedition.
My grandpa Alexander Brown served WW 1 with the Navy as well as my 2 uncles Alexander and Doug , while dad, Bruce, joined the Air Force.
3 of mom's brothers , Charles, Leonard and Fred joined the Army National , all at the same time.
My dad Dale Baker , who raised me from 10 years old, served in the Michigan National Guards. 2 of his brothers Claude and Cleo served in the army WW 2. Claude retired Full Bird Colonel with the Silver Star , Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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