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Ne're Forget

Took me quite a while to find my boyhood hero last April in Arlington. Lt Murphy's marker is unadorned and simplE like all others. A wet behind the ears kid that rapidly became a leader of men. Don't hear much about him or a lot of others that gave it their all and somehow made it through. Hollyweird killed him.

Not many old Soldiers, Sailors, Marines or Army Air Corp talk of the hardships and tradgedies endured. Scars ran deep, but the Victors returned and made a better life for us all from the Battlefield and throughout the towns in this Republic.

If you ever get to New Orleans, visit the National D-Day Museum.See if you can find my paver brick on the grounds. It was a tribute from my JROTC Corps of Cadets that took the wind out of my sails when they presented me with the certificate. Hardly anyone ever said "Thanks" and I thank GOD that has changed significantly in recent years. Simply...

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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