Mini-14 vs M-16

Discussion in 'Other Guns' started by SWO1, Jan 27, 2013.

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    Thoughts have surfaced about obtaining a semi-auto chambered in .223. With all the hupla surrounding the so called Tactical rifles in the M-16 style there is another alternitave. The Ruger Mini-14 compares I think, in all aspects and in my mind BETTER than the M-16. I have shot the Mini-14 as a friend of mine has one.

    Both shoot both the Rem .223 and 5.56 NATO

    Both use the same magizines, 5, 10, 20, and 30 round capasity

    Cylic rate of fire is about the same

    Both are availiable in various configurations, standard stock, standard barrel, with or without rails for mounting various goodies. And both in a Target model with a better barrel.

    I am, and always have been partial to the M-14 over the M-16. My main concern in VietNam was caliber. However in like .223 the Mini-14 does have advantages.

    1. Ease of CLEANING.
    2. Realiability of function in a less than sterile enviroment
    3. Better iron sights
    4. A litte better price point

    Besides, as of a couple days ago there was still one at one of the local Mega-Wally Worlds that the Gun Grabbers have by passed.
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    I am an El-cheapo I have the Smith and Wesson SW M&P 15-22 wich I bought for just under $500. 22lr are cheap and so am I :D

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    SWO1...if you can find one at a fair price I'd jump on it.
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    My Huntin partner Scott has a mini-14. I put a few rounds thru it and its mighty nice..I think its comparing apples to oranges like Ford vs Chevy..anyhoo a used one is goin for around a grand now, I sure wish I could turn the clock back a few months knowin what we know now, however I`d be in prison for drivin to Connecticut and shootin that crazy S.O.B. in his sleep.
  5. Donn

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    Same capacity, yes. Same magazine, No. I wish they were. Mini-14 mags are downsized versions of the 308's I carried with my issue M-14. They're not interchangeable and are super expensive, especially since "the panic." I've got both, and while I like my Mini, there's really no comparing the two. The AR's a much more versatile platform. If you can only have one, get the AR. You'll wind up with one sooner or later.
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    You are correct Donn, magazine compariable in capacity ONLY...not interchangeable..I failed to specific that.

    As for having one sooner or later, its been over 40 years since first using One and about 5 since the last time....and I STILL DONT WANT ONE !!
  7. Donn

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    LOL. My apologies SW, I may have been mistaken.
  8. SWO1

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    No apology needed Donn. Not wanting one is as of today....Always subject to change. Since throwing my .45 in the Dong Ha river in 1967 never wanted another one of those either....but now I'm getting one....Go figure.....:confused: