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Missouri provides CCW info to FEDS

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Although there is a State Law prohibiting this and like info The Dept of Revenue has admitted it released the entire list of CCW permit holders, not once but twice, to the Social Security Administration. When asked Gov. Nixon denied this but was later confirmed by the Head of the State Highway Patrol.

I watched the interview of Gov. Nixon on TV when he was asked the question. He acted just like he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Hem-hawing, sputtering, figgeting, nervous jerks. If there was EVER a classic example of a LIE.....

Now to be realistic......If you have ever been through a background check to purchase a firearm....YOU ARE ON A FEDERAL LIST!! They have your name, address, type of firearm, how many. I don't care if you have done it only once and own 100 that were not procured through the system...THEY KNOW YOU ARE A GUN OWNER. The fact that they now know you carry your weapon concealed (legally) is of little importance.
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Announced today by the Gov. The head of the Missouri Dept. of Revenue has resigned. Its being pushed by State law makers (Republicans) that proccacusion take place since a State Law was broken in the release of the information. The Head of the Highway Patrol has taken ultimate responsibility for the release. He is a Govenor appointed official also.

One wing-nut got on the news and said he was having second thoughts about applying for a CCW. Afraid the Gov. would find out he had a pistol...LOL
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