Model 60 Ammo Question

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by enduroguy, Jun 30, 2012.

  1. enduroguy

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    Hi, Walmart sells a 550 count pack they call a "Value Pack" It is Federal copper plated hollow point. Will that work ok in the Model 60 ?
  2. greyhawk50

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    It should work OK. I use that ammo in my model 60 mostly for plinking. It's not the best or the most accurate but it seem to cycle with only an occasional malfunctions.
    For better accuracy, I use the Remington Match or most any CCI. Each rifle has it's favorite ammo therefore trial & error is the only way to determine what it likes. I believe that the owners manual specifies standard velocity ammo for most, if not all, semi-auto 22s. This rules out any of the hyper velocity stuff like CCI Stingers. At least it's not recommended.
    My son has a modified 10/22 that really likes the Wolf Match but I've not tried it yet. It's a little pricy and my son isn't about to share his. Then again, he shoots some competition at our local hunting club, and I don't.


  3. axxe55

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    i have used in my M60 and my Ruger Mark III 22/45 pistol. works great in both. just make sure that whatever 22 ammo you use is high velocity, or it may fail to operate the bolt from being underpowered.
  4. Boom

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    I have had no issues with Federal Bulk or anything CCI, like Blazer or Mini Mags. Only occasional issues with Win 333/555
  5. ErnieKY

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    It may work just fine, some 60's are more picky than others so it's best just to try it out. I have 2 60's and a 99M1(same action) and they all three eat bulk federals just fine. I keep the actions clean and dry.
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  6. 2barcharlie

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    My model 60 likes CCI (rare misfires), Federal (occasional misfires) and Winchesters (occasional Misfires) in that order. I have even used Wolfe ammo and seems to work good with an occasional misfire. My model 60 will regurgitate Remingtons enmass, so I avoid them at all cost.
  7. FOUR4D4

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    Each gun is different on ammo even of the same make model and calber.Read your manual most manufactures have a list of best brands and the brands to stay away from.after that its trial and error
  8. tCan

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    My Marlin 60 manual specifically recommends CCI...
  9. wjjones

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    I buy the Remington brass plated hollow points (Golden Bullet) I get it at Dicks sporting goods for a little over $17 plus tax for 525 rds. It works very well in my 795, and my old Glenfield model 60.
  10. 72Camaro

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    My son-in-law has done a bunch of testing of different ammo and they will shoot different from brand to brand and sometimes from batch number to batch number.

    For example all .17hmr ammo is made at the same plant by CCI and each type of bullet it made by the same people such as the ballistic tips are made by Hornady and all the same gun powder is supposedly the same stuff. I have to try a box of a brand: Winchester, Hornady, Federal, etc. and try batch numbers of those brands too. A person with the same gun as me did excellent with a brand that I did the worse but he had a different batch number. For .17hmr you do not know what you will get out of that box of chocolates till you try it. I have different brands that will shoot 1" to 2" from center of other brands and batch numbers.
  11. storm

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    My Glenfield Model 60 likes CCI Quiet-22, Aguila 60gr SSS, and CCI match
  12. jeffw122

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    I have a model 60 that my father bought me in the late 70's. It has a micro groove barrel common to all Marlin's of this era. I have shot many different brands and velocities. I have spent several dollars trying to find "the" round that works. It stands to reason that the standard velocity "target loads" shot very well on paper but were less than stellar on squirrels. I was at a loss. I had tried stingers, velocitors you name it I fed it to my 60. It was very interesting. My 60 hated high velocity ammo. Stingers made a shotgun like pattern with no rhyme or reason. Such was true of all high velocity loads. Hyper velocity? forgetaboutit. I finally found that CCI SGB's shot best groups on paper and were murder on squirrels. Thet are not hollow points, which as I was tought was the only thing to fire at game, they are a flat point. They work very well....I wonder what others have found about ammo and there 60's?
  13. hombre243

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    Stingers and Yellow Jackets

    Years ago when I started squirrel hunting with my 60 instead of a 20 ga, I found that Stingers were the most accurate and deadly on the tree rats. Yellow Jackets and Vipers were close behind. My friend had to continually change the recoil buffer in his 60 but mine seemed to thrive on the hot stuff.

    We were out together one day and I spotted a squirrel up at the tip of a burned out tree that got hit with a bolt of lightning. The squirrel was about 90 yards away and he was hiding behind the crown point where the middle of the tree trunk broke off...he was doin a Kilroy". I could see the tip of his nose and one eye better than the other so I knew his head was slightly turned. We both had Stingers. But he couldnt see the squirrel. I told him I would put one in his (the squirrel's) nose if he (my friend) :)would buy lunch when we left the woods and he agreed...he still thinks I planted that squirrel. I lined up and asked him if lunch was still on because I was not going to miss and I was real hungry.

    He was a Marine armorer and even though he knew what HIS 60 could do, he didn't think anyone could hit a squirrel that HE couldn't see.

    I fired and the squirrel fell straight behind the tree into the 3 feet deep pile of limbs and brush that fell when the tree got hit by lightning. He saw the proof when I showed him the warm bloody squirrel. The Stinger carved a groove from the tip of his nose to past the point between his ears.

    He almost got out of buying lunch...but I loaned him the money.:D

    Oh, Marlin says don't use hyper velocity ammo in a 60 or generally in their semiauto 22's.. I used them for several years and had no trouble. My friend had to replace the recoil buffer at least 2 times that I know of. Just depends on luck. I bought a couple spares from MidwayUSA just in case. I love to use the hipower stuff so I bought a Savage MKII FV. I fired a half box of Aguila SuoerHyper velocity 30 gr hp that cooked along at 1750 fps. The Savage loves em. It is now my favorite coyote/groundhog and long range squirrel rifle. I thought Stingers splattered. The Aguila's are devastation enroute.
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