Model 60 reassembly?!?

Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by bretfrazier, Dec 13, 2012.

  1. bretfrazier

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    So I recently traded an Ipod for a marlin model 60 sb. This is my first Marlin and first .22 and I love it. However I broke it down to clean it because it had a few hang ups the last couple times I took it out to the range. I broke it down and cleaned it while watching a You Tube video. Everything went fine until it came time to put the action back in. The spring and the firing pin housing is in with the charging handle on it but when I go to put the action back in exactly like it shows on the video something isn't right i don't want to push too hard and break or bend something. Has anyone experienced this before and if so what did you do to fix it?
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    Welcome to the Forum bretfrazier. Glad to have you here.
    I've not had that problem so I can't give you an answer.
    But here is a written guide with pictures that may help.
    It is what I use. I have it printed out and laying on my loading table in case I need it. Truth be known, I only disassemble my mod. 60 for a total cleaning about twice a year.
    We have guys on here that know mod. 60 inside out.
    I'm sure someone else will chime in soon.
    Glad to have you here.

  3. Spud9

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    Pics would be helpful.. Is the bolt in upside down? Is the charging handle in right? When you put the trigger assembly back in is the hammer locked or free? I am not trying to be funny... The trigger assembly needs to be slightly pressed in. Line up the rear hole and put the pin/screw in and then press gently until the front screw holes line up and put them in.
    Again... Pics are helpful. We would all love to figure out your issue.
  4. nocode

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    New member here. Purchased my Marlin 60 in 1983 (first gun, I was 13) and hunted with it until about the early 90s. Sat in a gun case until a few weeks ago when I broke it out and decided it finally needed some TLC.

    Took it apart to clean it (for the first time!) and was in process of reassembling, when I totally kinked up the recoil spring. It's bent in 2 places and doesn't seem to want to go back into shape. I assume this is not able to be reused, and I need to buy a new one? Can I get this from Marlin direct?

    Any tips for the best way to get this spring back in place on reassembly?

  5. luvmykid322

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    You could get a replacement from Marlin, of course, but I would try ebay or Academy Sports...shouldn't cost that much.
  6. hombre243

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    MidwayUSA has a lot of M60 parts.
  7. stanger1944

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    Midway usa has recoil springs for like 4 or 5 bucks.
  8. stanger1944

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    I think I have had a similar problem. Did you insert the front of the action either under the tabs or in place to insert screws and the rear of the action would not quite seat in place to insert the pin or rear screw depending on the age of your marlin. If so I had this happen and had to pull the bolt back a little until I could seat the rear of the action. Hope this helps.
  9. Underdog

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    Make sure the bolt is locked back and the action will go right in. I had the same problem when I got my 60, couldn't figure it out until I pulled the bolt back everything fell into place.