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Well, I received an email saying I have not joined or checked in and what I've been up to.... so here I go am. LOL.
I have my dads ole model 81-DL. Shes sat to many years tucked away in the closet, then moved to a cabinet.
My son (11
) decided to get us out and do some shooting .
We went over safety for a couple weeks, name of different parts of the rifle and respect for all weapons,then headed out shooting.
After a few trips out he's been shooting great. He lacks a little in the biceps, so we put the marlin and others on a rest. Im proud to say..... he can hit the used clay pigeons we pick up better than me at 50 yards with the old open sights.
I'm not one to know any spec's on rifles or any gun... just like to go shooting with the boy..... heading out tomorrow to do some more shooting if the rain hold off. And for the first time....... my wife says she wants to go.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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