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I finally got the 99 M1 back to the range. I still hadn't cleaned it from when I last shot it, nearly two months ago. But, I loaded it up with Winchester Xpert HV rounds and it performed very well. So, it really just didn't like those CCI Standard Velocity rounds, which work just fine in my Model 60.

The only issue I had was that sometimes the round didn't want to lift up so that it could feed. I don't know if it's a weak lifter spring, or maybe a burr on the lower part of the feedthroat causing things to stick, or just what. I'll take it apart and polish it all up and see how it does. This issue only occurred about five times out of a hundred, but that still seems like way too many.

If it doesn't improve with some polishing, I'll upgrade the feedthroat to the new model.
Ok, in the four food groups of .22LR ammo,
you have Subsonic-, Standard-, High- and Hyper- Velocity ammo

In a Marlin 60/99/etc w/18"-to-22" barrel, rarely are Subsonic or Standard velocity rounds going to cycle the action.
If you use Sub or Standard/Target ammo, just know that they may not always cycle unless you start modding internals...
Some folks modify for the purpose of making Match-Grade ammo work better in their rifles...but that's strictly up to each individual owner,
and the benefits are somewhat in question the average Marlin is always within Minute of Squirrel Head...

High Velocity rounds are what Marlins are made for...High Velo is what you are looking for for Marlin semi-auto carbines.
CCI Minimags & the Blazer ammo are High Velocity rounds...
As are RGB's, but RGB's are famous for being inconsistant as heck...
when Remmy ammo doesn't go bang, spin it and try again...

Hyper-Velocity rounds will prematurely wear your buffer and then start bashing away at the rest of the skip those...
I find the precision in Hyper-Velo rounds to be lacking, so it won't hurt to skip 'em anyway ;)
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