Model XS7?

Discussion in 'Other Marlin Rifles' started by Truckman, Dec 10, 2018.

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    Long time, no posts. I have a model 60 with a Boyds stock that's very accurate and fun.
    In the market for a .243 bolt, mostly for target shooting about 200yds, maybe occasional 300.
    Looking at Savage, Ruger, etc.
    I came across a XS7, 22" barrel, syn stock, sling and 3-9 Bushnell scope for about $270, NEW!!!
    Not in Marlins catalogue, I seem to remember reading somewhere that Marlin was getting out of bolt guns??
    I'm reading comments on how the XS7 shoots as well as the Savage. Any body have one?
    Hard to pass up a deal like that, if the gun is quality, a little concern of parts availability.
    I can get a Winchester XPR for $289 after rebate from same place, or a Ruger American for $299.
  2. Truckman

    Truckman Well-Known Member

    I found a used Ruger M77 MarkII stainless, and bought it. Spent a little more than I wanted to, but that gun spoke to me. It has the syn stock, so I'm looking for a laminated one.
    I already have a M77 stainless, laminated Ruger in .22WMR, this will be it's big brother.