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Modern Inline Blackpowder Rifles

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Hi all,

Who among us is a blackpowder shooter? Specifically the modern inlines. I already know all I need to know about those old school extremely accurate and forgiving roundball guns and I intend to get back into them as soon as I can...SOOOOOOOOOO

I know there are no shortcuts to accuracy with these guns. But, does anyone use a CVA Wolf; 1/28 twist?

I haven't shot mine much but I had one excellent group and now I cannot get the gun to shoot anywhere near as good.

First time out I had about a 1" 3 shot group (2 bullets in one hole) now I cant get 3 bullets within 2 counties of each other.

I need a starting point for bullet weights. I am thinking about 240 grains is as light as I should consider for deer. Recoil with a 340 grain bullet is as heavy as I can handle with a 90-100 gr powder charge.

I have 5 powders to choose from. I am planning on testing all the bullet/sabot combinations I have with all that powder. But, if anyone has a favorite recipe for success...and if you wouldn't mind sharing it, please let me know. Also, since the Wolf may be a law unto itself, any info about the CVA Wolf will be appreciated.

Oh, I don't need anyone to tell me it is a cheap gun. I already know it. But at one time it was near the top of the CVA line, so no Wolf bashing.
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No Wolf bashing from me. I like all CVA products.
I have a Stainless CVA Optima.
I don't have any magic combos and my groups aren't all that great but I blame it on my failing eyesight.
I agree that the 240 gr. bullet is best for deer. Anything lighter may lack proper penetration at greater distances. In theory, the 1-28 twist should like the heavier bullets but don't rule out the 200 gr. Hornady XTP until you try it. I don't shoot my Smoke pole all that often but I'll share some older photos of my results.

All these targets were with the fiber optic iron sights. All were 44 cal. bullets with a sabot.
The first photo was the first shot out of the box using the 265 gr, FTX ahead of 100 gr. of 777 granular.
Photo #2 is a 3 shot group from 25 yards using the 200 XTP ahead of 100 gr. of 777 granular.
Photo #3 is a 4 shot group from 25 yards using the 265 gr. FTX ahead of 100 gr. of 777 granular.
Photo #4 & #5 are 4 shot groups at 50 yards using the 265 FTX ahead of 100 gr. of 777 granular.
All these shots were with iron sights. I would expect that would improve if I had a good scope. I have tried 80 gr. & 90 gr. loads but haven't seen much difference in the groups.
Those pink dots (actually they are orange) are 2'' dia.

I have used Pyrodex P at times just because I have some on hand. I used to use it in my side lock rifles to get better ignition. When I use it, I only use 90 gr. because it burns faster/hotter.
I know that CVA says that you can use up to 150 gr. equivalent but according to Hodgdon's, you should never use more than 100 gr. equivalent. Probably for liability reasons. 100 grs. is all you need for deer anyway. I would only consider using more if I was hunting bear or moose.
I recommend that you experiment to get the best that you can. As you say, it's not a Thompson Center or other high dollar rifle but plenty good enough for "minute of deer".


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Sounds good. Happy for you. Waiting on the range report.
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