More work on the Mark II BR Stock

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing' started by SWO1, Apr 29, 2015.

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    First pic I "GOUGED" out a thumb rest just below the receiver. This will enable me to get the same hand position every time and allows for better trigger finger so as not to "drag wood" either high or low. Also betters position my trigger finger to the same spot every time. Now I will have one less check point prior to shooting a round. I dont have a round rasp to go in my drill so had to use the 4" grinder ..... :eek: The laminate on the Boyds stock chipped a little on the edges (plainly seen). I smoothed out with wood filler and will sand smooth and repaint.

    Second Pic I FINALLY bedded the pillers in my stock. the had been just sitting there. The gun shot fine but Maybe, just maybe it will be a little better now. I applied a good coating of car wax on the inside of the plate that covers the mag well (which I removed leaving a big ole hole in the stock). Filled in to about 3/8ths deep. After it sets up will fill in up to the bottom of the pillers.

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