Mossberg 385T Bolt Action 20 Ga Shotgun.

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    late last month i had a saturday that i was able to get over to my LGS and wanted to pickup some ammo and powder for reloading. well, while looking through the used gun rack i spotted an older bolt action shotgun. upon closer inspection, it turned out to be an older Mossberg 385T in 20 ga. it was in pretty decent shape and the blueing looked great. well i got the owner talked down to $110. she did come with me! she shoots great and recoil isn't bad at all considering it has a hardplastic buttplate instead of a recoil pad.

    i am thinking about making it into a slugster. drilling and tapping the action for a scope base and either mounting a 1-4 or a 2-6 power scope on it, or maybe even a red dot scope. i was thinking about maybe even refinishing the stock and leaving the metal alone as the blueing is in very good condition. i might restain the stock a little darker to bring the grain of the wood out just a little more with an oil finish on top of it.

    i will try and get some pictures taken tomorrow and post them.