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Moultrie Game Cameras

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I just purchased a Moultrie Game Spy Camera Model L-50. 5.0 Megapixel.

I am reading the instructions that came with the camera and those instructions in no way are as complete as the email I got from Moultrie.

My question is: Are any of you using this same model camera? If so,
1. What batteries are you using;
2. How does the camera work for you; using those batteries and also the SD Card you are using?
3. What SD card are you using?

I will come back and post the email that the factory sent to me after I hear from you, whomever is using this camera. (Only the Moultrie L-50)
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Bigfoot or Big Butt?

If you get any Bigfoot fotos be sure to share HAHA !!!!
Does a picture of me in my speedos tiptoeing through the tulips count?

I did test it out and it works is the test subject that ruined the effect.:D
Bigfoot, or Big Poot? : O

If you get any Bigfoot fotos be sure to share HAHA !!!!
I like the camera. I got 2 letters from the factory. One said do not use such and such and the second added the one that I had purchased as ok to use. Anyway, the camera works, the card works and the rechargables work. I am using Energizer C size/ NiMH 2500 ma...1.2v (6 at a time):)

Check out the gigantisaurus in the pic. They say a camera adds 10 pounds.... No comment.


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Ocams Razor

I think the one I had at the feeder went south on me. I checked it friday after a week and no Pics. Although there were prints and scrapings all around. Changed batterys and card. Walked in front and the trigger was tripping, so should have at least some of me on it. Checked again this morning....again no pics. Guess will have to dig out the other one.....:mad: Your'es takes good pics Hombre.
SW01: Try the SD card first. Did it get switched to lock position? Maybe a cleanout is in order. The instructions sent to me said to first check the SD card slot. Shut the camera off, take out the batteries and blow into the slot to clean it out and wipe off the contacts of the card. Make sure there is no moisture inside. I am posting the entire email I got fro Moultrie so you can try what pertains to your situation: see below...
Hope this helps.​

From: Frances Elrod <[email protected]>
To: Ron Baum <
[email protected]>
Sent: Friday, February 8, 2013 10:44 AM
Subject: Moultrie

In response to your Moultrie, Carry-Lite, Global Point Email submission:

Only use Duracell or Energizer alkaline batteries. Do NOT use Latium or Rechargeable batteries in this camera. ( I am going to try rechargables rb)

It sounds like it could be your SD card here is some SD card information. Make sure you are using a new SD card in your camera. Also do not turn the knob really fast.

(Mr. Elrod is speaking about Moultrie cameras in particular but your instructions may be different if you have a different brand camera: rb)
I like to use PNY, Sandisk or Lexar SD cards. Don’t use ULTRA, HIGHSPEED (HS), OPTIMA or MICO CARDS!!! They will not work in the camera. You can use (HC) cards. Also make sure your cards speed is a 2 or 4. This is found on the card in a circle. If the card doesn’t have this it should be ok to use. As older cards don’t have speeds on them. New cards out now have speeds. (2,4,6,8,10)

Don’t use a SD card that is to big for the camera. (Ex. - Don’t use a 2 gig card in and camera that take’s up to a 1 gig.)
NEVER ERASE YOUR SD CARD WITH ANYTHING BUT THE CAMERA THAT TOOK THE PICTURES. (Ex. You’re PC, another camera, a card reader.) As doing so could cause the camera to lock up. Don’t use a card that has been used in another camera. As it could have a different format then our camera.
If this is the case with your SD card you will have to buy a new card. Then do a reboot your camera.
1st check and make sure the card isn’t locked.

On the top left hand side of card make sure it is in the unlock position.

1) Take out all your batteries and your SD card.
2) Turn camera on with out batteries in it. (This will make the capacitor go down.) Wait one minute.
3) Blow out SD slot as a speck of dust can cause it not to work.
4) Put batteries and SD card back in camera.
5) Turn camera back On in “Delete All.”
6) Hit enter, arrow up to YES hit enter. This will format your SD card to this camera.
7) Now turn dial slowly and go to Auto and see if it will take a picture.
If it still will not come out of Busy or power up and take pictures send it in to us and we will be happy to check it out for you.
Go to the link below and follow the instructions.

If you have any other questions please call our Technical Support team and we will be happy to help you.
(800) 653-3334 ext #4
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Nice shot...I shot my belly and it took up the whole frame

Got em switched. And whatta ya know. The third card I had in took a picture. Maybe it ain't broke. Could have just been that particular card, even tho it worked fine in two other devices. But now the second set of battries is only half good so will have to get some more C cell before I Put it up at the other feeder. Here is the pic it took.....Give Me a Hand.....:p
You must live in Alaska, FL or CA...I see a "Palm" tree in the foreground. and it is 11 pm 4 years ago and still daylight. :D

Ya sure you didn't shoot a rerun? (The time stamp) :rolleyes:
Doing my test runs but not getting anything

I have had bait on a shelf on a tree outside my kitchen window and I placed the camera about 15 feet away. I watched as 3 crows came down one at a time and ate the bait and when I looked at the frames...they were blank. The shelf steadily got empty but the crown did not show up in the picture.

I doubt I have ghost crows;) but, I may have a slow trigger. If that's the case, maybe a hook and line will keep them pesky crown on the shelf long enough to get a picture. Just kidding.

I got the camera out again today as I heard the crown hollerin at me for more pancakes.

Hopefully repositioning the camera will help get a better picture.
It is really slow

My two cameras are about 4 years apart in year models. although the same brand the newer one has a lot faster trigger speed. If you are getting pics with nothing in them thats the case. That little camera Grey showed last fall has a 1.5 second trigger....:)
It is funny that there is NO image, even a blurred image of the crow that set off the trigger. The camera is set lookin down the pipe at where the crown fly in from. There should at least be a blur. The first 4 pics are bare of crows, 2 have a pic of a crow and the last 5 are goof ups...taking down the cam, shutting it off etc.

Here is what I am thinking: the camera is set to shoot 2 pics, 5 seconds apart, then wait a minute and shoot 2 more, etc. If no movement in that time lapse of 1 minute, the camera goes to sleep.

These empties may be from the initial turning on the cam and 2 more 1 minute later. The timestamp shows about a 2 minute wait before the next (or first crow shows up. I may have missed the 1st shot because of the automatic 1 minute pause between sets. That makes the most sense...I set the camera up and turned it on...and took an immediate pic of my arm and the ground when I reached into the sight frame to take the camera down...almost no delay. This was several minutes after the last crows flew away.

I am going to keep at this...the prob may be a slow trigger on the camera, or on the dumb ol bird tryin to use it.:D
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Well, I was right about my assumption. The birds made an ass out of me...

When I switched the camera on then closed the case, the camera shot 2 pictures. Then it appears the crows came in just after the last shot (of the 2) went off, within the minute time lapse between pictures a crow came in and grabbed a bite and flew off, and a second bird came in and did the same. I watched them and they did not stay long. The camera did go off again and took 2 more empty shots because even though the bird or birds tripped the trigger to shoot, the timer said...wait a minute, so, no bird in the han...picture. Thus, 2 more empty frames. I did get some birds in the picture today...bluejays, but no crows. But now I see how this thing works...and I am at the mercy of the camera's technology. Now I do not have to worry about will do what it does...when it wants to do it. IMHO these cameras need finer adjustments. Shorter trigger time, external on/off switch, shorter wait between pictures and more pics per string with shorter wait time between shots.

Next on the agenda, video. If I cant get em sittin I will get em flyin...30 seconds per string. Keep down, wish me luck...have a Bushmills for me.
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Not too thrilled with mine either

Don't you have an "interval" setting for the pics ? My little $50 one goes from 15 sec. to 2 min. Now I am having more problems with it also. I think it is turning itself off after a few minutes. I have been checking it every other day. When I turn it on it takes pics while I walk around in front of it. When I come back later IT IS OFF...:( Battries are good, pics it does take are good. Its only a year old. But for $50 not worth it to send in for warrenty. I think the other one is doing the same thing. They worked great while they lasted. I just cant see paying more than 80-100 for one. When I researched reviews on the Wildgame brand there were a lot of complants all the way back to 2008 about this issue. Time to change brands I guess. The older one has worked great for 4-5 years now. I think the price on it was $80. Wally World used to carry them but don't any just the $100 ones. I'll check it one more time in a couple of days and if its off again....IN THE TRASH.

Question greyhawk50.....Wally World has that little compact one you got last year. Do you still like it. Thinkin about it.
I tried video but it either is not set correctly or it just plain don't work.

I have no idea why this thing will not cooperate but it may be as the old saying get what you pay for. This was under 60 bucks, but I have seen them sold for about 80 bucks. I have the option of returning it but at my expense. I would rather give it a good trial run and then trash it in the feedbacks.

That many times will not do me any good but it will save some poor sucker down the line save his hard earned shekels and buy a different brand. I read a ot reviews also...half were good and half weren't.

I have intevals on mine also. 15, 30sec; 1 min,5 min, 10 min, 30 & 60 minutes. Mine is set at 15 seconds intervals. I also can set it for multi shots...but only have the 1 or 2 shot option, then the interval. I tried video and it doesn't even trigger. But, I may be overlooking something. I hate to give a bad review when I shouldn't

Finally figured out the key to getting this camera to work properly. It wasn't the camera, it was the card. A call to the factory did not help but I did ask a question and was told "it can't hurt", to format the card using my computer.​

I did just that and that must have been the problem all along because I got a nice string of "crow-tos" and a couple short videos too. I will post a couple pics here if the files aren't too big.

Ok, some stills here and 2 short videos in the Video section.​


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