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Moultrie Game Cameras

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I just purchased a Moultrie Game Spy Camera Model L-50. 5.0 Megapixel.

I am reading the instructions that came with the camera and those instructions in no way are as complete as the email I got from Moultrie.

My question is: Are any of you using this same model camera? If so,
1. What batteries are you using;
2. How does the camera work for you; using those batteries and also the SD Card you are using?
3. What SD card are you using?

I will come back and post the email that the factory sent to me after I hear from you, whomever is using this camera. (Only the Moultrie L-50)
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I think the one I had at the feeder went south on me. I checked it friday after a week and no Pics. Although there were prints and scrapings all around. Changed batterys and card. Walked in front and the trigger was tripping, so should have at least some of me on it. Checked again this morning....again no pics. Guess will have to dig out the other one.....:mad: Your'es takes good pics Hombre.
Thanks for all the info Hombre....I have been using this camera for 5-6 years now. I switch cards (3) between another game camera and my little hand camera. The card is working fine in the other camera. Will trek back out and switch them out.

Mine arn't Moultrie..."Wild Game" brand.....Cheaper....LOL If it has bit the dust I got my monies worth as I got it as a Xmas present. I'll bring it back and check it out. May have to get another one ( Xmas is to far off )
Got em switched. And whatta ya know. The third card I had in took a picture. Maybe it ain't broke. Could have just been that particular card, even tho it worked fine in two other devices. But now the second set of battries is only half good so will have to get some more C cell before I Put it up at the other feeder. Here is the pic it took.....Give Me a Hand.....:p


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LOL...I forget ...almost always..when I change battries have to reset the Date/time stamp. Thats the default. For real it was this morning about 11 AM.
My two cameras are about 4 years apart in year models. although the same brand the newer one has a lot faster trigger speed. If you are getting pics with nothing in them thats the case. That little camera Grey showed last fall has a 1.5 second trigger....:)
Don't you have an "interval" setting for the pics ? My little $50 one goes from 15 sec. to 2 min. Now I am having more problems with it also. I think it is turning itself off after a few minutes. I have been checking it every other day. When I turn it on it takes pics while I walk around in front of it. When I come back later IT IS OFF...:( Battries are good, pics it does take are good. Its only a year old. But for $50 not worth it to send in for warrenty. I think the other one is doing the same thing. They worked great while they lasted. I just cant see paying more than 80-100 for one. When I researched reviews on the Wildgame brand there were a lot of complants all the way back to 2008 about this issue. Time to change brands I guess. The older one has worked great for 4-5 years now. I think the price on it was $80. Wally World used to carry them but don't any just the $100 ones. I'll check it one more time in a couple of days and if its off again....IN THE TRASH.

Question greyhawk50.....Wally World has that little compact one you got last year. Do you still like it. Thinkin about it.
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