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Mount/Optics Advice for a 336 Youth

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Greetings from a lever gun Newbie!

I purchased my son a 336Youth 30-30 for his birthday - it's his first 'big kid' gun; I taught him to shoot on an iron-sighted Cricket .22. Well, he did just fine in the deer stand and with the iron signs plinking last year and now it's time for him to get ready for next deer season when [Lord willing] he will have a shot at a deer with his new Marlin.

I'd like to set the 336Y up with a descent reasonably priced scope, and a mount/rings that will fit well and which will not be obstructed by the iron sights. Anything I am missing?

At my club he won't likely have anything past a 70-100yd shot, but I'd like a scope capable of 200yds just in case.

Anyone have experience scoping a Youth model 336 before? Any advice on scopes and mounts before I start dropping stuff into my Brownells/Cabelas shopping cart?

Informed advice much appreciated!
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1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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