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Mr 7

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I'm new to the forum, everyone. I just traded an ATI 45 for an MR7. This will be my third Marlin, and I think I got the better part of the deal. From what I can tell, the MR7 was a pretty good rifle. I welcome everyone's thoughts.
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Sorry for the delay, gents. The rifle shoots great. 150gr ball ammo groups at about 2" @ 100m. I'm not able to shoot farther than that now, but I would expect 6-8" groups out to 300.
Anyone ever put a brake on one of these, or similar? After 15-20 rounds, the recoil takes much of the fun out of it.
Bottom line, it's a keeper. Looking forward to taking a bear in a month.


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Thanks for that. I'm shooting again tomorrow to verify/fine tune my zero. Pictures of shot groups and new scope to follow tomorrow.
I've shot many military bolt rifles, but these were much heavier and didn't have the jump that this 6lbs gun has. A pad sounds like a good idea for practice. I only need one shot to hunt, just the practice is rough.
After a long winter, finally able to do some serious practice.

A paint job and some work on the cheek rest are taking me back to the good old days.

Safe Memorial Day, gents.
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It's 30-06. That was just 150gr ball ammo.
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