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My freezer is slowly emptying

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We are quickly eating all our Bambi supply, and it needs to be replaced. We have a 4000km Caravan trip coming up in 2 weeks time, and have been very busy setting up our new Tow Vehicle, and plan to take a fair bit of what is left with us, so there will be "bugger all" left when we get back home, end of the first week in September.
Too late to go get some now.....Grrrrrrrr !

However 3 weeks back I went with a mate, to a private property, where the owner was getting grief from "Red Deer" and Fallow, wrecking his fences. It's a very nice property, hilly, native bush, and some plantation timber, on the very edge, and the best part, it's only 50 minutes and 80 km from home, and a quick trip.
Our luck ran out, as per normal for the first couple of times. Never mind, when SWMBO and myself get back, I will seriously go chase the Red's.,

To get into good Sambar Country, we are looking at a 3 hour drive, minimum. But we stay for 3-4 days. Then again, 3-4 days hunting is well worth it, as we do have a ball.

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Have fun but most of all be SAFE:)
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