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My home state really did it

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Washington state passed I-594 which requires background checks for all firearms sales even between private parties....and for all firearm transfers ...SOOO If I loan my neighbor a deer rifle that`s a transfer and requires a background check....It`s unenforcable and does nothing to prevent crooks from getting guns....I expect it to go to the supreme court...Idaho is looking real nice if this BS keeps up !
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Washington state is too close to California...;)
I know how you feel I live in the Republik of Kaliformia !!! The misguided democrats have the majority here, they try and mostly succeed to pass the most stupid laws! They already passed the no lead bullet for hunting law! Now some treehugger wants to ban lead fishing weights! I only stay for my family otherwise I'd high tail it back to NC.
When people don't express their rights to defend their rights then they deserve to lose those rights. It's about time people got together by the thousands and protest against those taking our rights away which they have no right to do. Telling a person they don't have a right to defend themselves or how to defend themselves is total control. AKA ignorance. Someday people will realize being quiet is the same as supporting the wrong actions of politicians. Even the Supreme Court is lead by those that twist the meaning of the Constitution. People better get off their couch and protest with and for Constitutional and unalienable rights.
People will forward the most BS email chain letter but some will not even read an email about their rights being illegally taken away by the government. People are so afraid of the government and are even to afraid to admit it to anyone. Tyranny has almost a free hand when this happens.
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