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I have not shot this rifle as of yet, I am waiting to get it the way I want it. I wanted to show my new beauty off though.
I added a Williams peep Sight to her last night, I bought this peep off of ebay several months ago for my Marlin 1894. I also bought a Lyman for my 1894 and since the Lyman was new I used the Lyman on the 1894 and decided to put the Williams on this rifle. I have Skinner, Lyman, XS and Williams sights on all my Lever guns but I like the Williams sights the best. T
The one thing that I do not like about the Remlins is that they do not add the side holes on the receiver any more for the Williams sight. I ended up drilling and tapping the holes myself so I could use the Williams sight. After doing this I am very happy with the sight picture and the factory front sight that I will be able to still use. Can't wait to get the sling in on Tuesday. One thing about the Williams sights is you can always use the original front sight and hood which I prefer.
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