My Marlin 336C Barrel Markings

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    Can someone help me out with the meanings of the barrel/receiver markings on my new 336C? The serial# on the receiver is "MR97XXXB"
    On the left side of the barrel in inscribed Marlin Firearms Co. North Haven, CT. USA. not ILion, NY.
    To the rear of the barrel near the receiver is 3 EG 99..
    On the right side of the barrel (Loading Gate Side) is REP in an oval with a"K" stamped outside the oval. I think that is the proof mark and the initial of the proof technician. REP, I believe, means it was proof fired in ILion,NY.
    When I called Marlin Cust Service to register for Warranty I was told the date of manufacure was 2nd Quarter 2012.
    I'm wondering if maybe the barrel was made in North Haven in 1999. The other explanation is that the ILion factory is still stamping the barrels "Marlin Firearms North Haven, CT. USA"
    Any help decoding the markings would greatly be appreciated.
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    I'm not 100% certain why Remington is still stamping the barrels with North Haven, CT other than they can.

    The "MR" in your serial number stands for Marlin Remington. The "REP' in the oval is Remington's proof mark that goes on all barrels. The "K" is not likely the individual who proofed the gun. Employee's come and go, it probably has a more significant meaning.

    The barrel was not made in 1999, although the rifle was probably made 2012. Remington has a code system that will tell you month and year of manufacture, but it is not a simple one like Marlin used before the buy out.

    You can do a google search on Remington dates and it will explain the code on your barrel. I looked it up once to check the date on an older Model 700. It is not an easy enough system you can commit it to memory. You have to look it up every time. Good Luck.
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    Thanks Hyphenated

    Thanks for the information. I was pretty sure the rifle was made in ILion, NY. The markings on the barrel just had me a little interested in the meanings. As I said, Marlin Customer Service told me according to the serial number, the rifle was made in the second quarter of 2012.
    I'll take a look at the Remington site to see if I can find the actual date. It is really not that all important that I know the actual date of manufacture, I'm just curious.

    Thanks again for the info.
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    Let us know what you discover...
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    I may can shed alittle light.....Marlin time table... Dec 2010 all barrel and receiver production stops....Feb 2011 All parts manufacturing stops.....March 2011 all Marlin machinery is shipped to Ky,Ny,Mo. and ALL spare parts..... This also includes barrels that was roll stamped from CT.....
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    Thanks for the help. I found a notice on another forum that said Remington was given permission to continue to use North Haven, Ct. USA on the barrels manufactured in ILion, NY.

    All the websites for dates of manufacture of both Marlin and Remington firearms stopped with 2002 or 2009 as the last reference.

    A phone call to Marlin Cust Service was answered by a representative that told me according to my serial number, my 336C was made in the second quarter of 2012 including the barrel.

    Thanks for the responses.
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    It is my understanding Remington may have begun adding date code stamps on the barrel. Something I don't believe Marlin did. The K you reference may be that date code but I thought I read the date code was on the opposite side of the barrel from the proof stamp. More likely the 3EG99 is what I heard about.

    I may not be helpful but it helps kill time to read my responses. :D
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    Thanks Rooster,

    Your guess is as good as any.. I'll let you know if I find out anything definite concerning the markings.
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    Barrel Markings Explained

    On another Marlin forum site there is a post that explains the barrel markings on New Marlins made in ILion, NY.
    Sometime in 2011 when the old Marlin barrels ran out and Remington started making the barrels, they started to use the Remington date of manufacture code system on the Marlin firearms.

    The 2 letter code on the left side of the barrel just in front of the receiver indicates the date of manufacture.
    The first letter is the month using B-L-A-C-K-P-O-W-D-E-R-X as the code. B=Jan. L=Feb. A=Mar. ETC.

    The second letter is the year E=2010 F=2011 G=2012
    Using this code, my 336C (code EG) was made in Oct. 2012.

    The link for the Remington code is

    I guess my rifle is a few months newer than I thought.
    I believe the "K" on the right side of the barrel near the "REP" proof mark indicates "Magnaflux" of the barrel.
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    Thanks for the update and the link to Remington barrel codes.