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Discussion in 'Marlin Rimfires' started by jtmcdermott, Sep 16, 2013.

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    Well, the more I user my model 60, the more I am liking the tube fed rifle, especially when using a Speed loader. It has me wondering if I should look into trading in my XT with a 7 shot clip for a tube fed XT. My only problem, and it's more of a preference is that I like the wood grain stock as opposed to the black synthetic. I couldn't find anything from Marlin. I know sometimes, sporting goods stores will do special editions of rifles. Has anyone heard of a XT Walnut stock that is tube fed?

  2. SHOOTER13

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    No, but if I hear of one I will let you know !

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    I havent found one, but I was in the same boat. I got the tube fed anyways. Maybe in the future ill adapt a wood stock to it.
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    I really like my tube fed 81 DL but following my tradition of giving a gun to my adult kids from my collection my youngest has that, and I ended up with a 925R. Yes I can change mags but I have only found 10 rd 2 of those equals one tube of LR I have 3 of those plus the original 7 rd. I guess that im just a greedy gut for ammo but I want to carry more at a time IN THE GUN so as I'm hunting or plinking all day, I'm looking at the trail and surroundings without a care as to reloading. ( Rule #1 The Gun is ALWAYS loaded).