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Well Well Well !
Problem found.
Yesterday I toook the mighty .444 Marlin out again to try and find out what went wrong.
Shooting better today, after I removed the scope, replaced it, and got onto a better rest, (I sprayed the bullets the other day, and not the rifle)
Bingo...Problem found :p

The front lens cap had unwound, probably due to the heavier recoil, and years of never checking it. But then again, why should I have to ?.

Unfortunately it was really loose, and I expect the gas inside would be non existing. It still means a new scope, as I don't want fogged up lens on cold mornings.:rolleyes:
I then set about screwing back in the retaining ring, and adjusting everything, to bring up a focus, at the 1.5-4.5 magnification levels.
That took an hour.

Will give it to my mate, so he can check the ducks on his dam, as that is probably all it's good for.
New Leupold VX Hog 1-4x20 pig plex scope will be ordered today.


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I just checked it out on the Leopold web site and it looked like a pretty good deal! Let us know how it goes.
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