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My Reloading Room (in the Shed)

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Here are a couple of snaps of my reloading room. Not a real lot of space, but works well
The rifles are locked up in a different location, well away from the ammo. That keeps everything legal.
The large blue box is a converted electrical switch box, that contains all loaded ammo, for all rifles. Note above all sorted brass, cleaned, and sized, and just waiting to be reloaded.

The other picture of my Rockchucker press, and case trimmer, with 8 dies sets above, and various goodies to ensure that everything goes well


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Looks great. Thanks for sharing.
Real nice set-up Bucky...

On a side note...

Are you saying that in Australia, any ammo / firearms must be stored in separate rooms in your home ?!
Not 100% sure about the letter of the law.
But basically keep ammo and rifles separate.
It just happens to be that my rifles are stored/hidden, I my house, and the bullets and reloading gear are out in a locked room inside my shed

I remove the bolts, and store them in a small safe, that is bolted to the top of my Gun safe. (Some Gun safes have a separate lockable storage area).

Some mates have it all together, but in separate locked steel boxes/safes
Problem as I see it, storing rifles in a shed is that all the tools that are. Sexed to open and steal your rifles, are right beside the gunsafe. That is a bit dumb, I'm my opinion.
Bugger me , bloody iPhones and its corrective spelling ,
Sorry about the "ringrish"
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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