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The IDPA BoD announced a change in the scoring for points down. The IDPA target has a -0, -1 and -3 scoring area with a miss being -5. Currently, a penalty of 0.5 seconds for each point down is added to the raw time with other penalties (hit on non-threat, failure to neutralize or procedural). The new scoring will change the penalty for each point down to 1 second.

I like it!

The classification levels are novice, marksman, sharpshooter, expert and master. I have heard it described as:

novice - new shooter
marksman - accurate but slow
sharpshooter - fast but inaccurate
expert - fast and accurate
master - fast and accurate on every shot

I am a solid marksman and acknowledge I am slow, but I've always been happy with my accuracy. This will boost me up the finishing order.

There is no definite timetable and I would hope they can use the existing classifier data to come up with new overall time ranges for the classes.

So big changes for next year. I'm switching from SSP (service stock pistol) to REV-S (stock revolver) and hopefully scoring that rewards accuracy a little more.

PS: Can we have a competition sub-forum?

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