My Thoughts On Gun Ownership

Discussion in '2nd Amendment' started by FOUR4D4, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. FOUR4D4

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    OK, here is something I believe in. I don't like bragging about the fact that I own firearms, (Oh but I'm Proud). This is for the simple fact that there are thieves drug addicts, you know the type; not so honest people. I don't like to advertise. I don't because maybe a friend of a friends, friends, 2nd cousin or whoever might be a thief, drug addict or are just hard up for cash. I lock my guns and hide them. I'm just paranoid or overly protective of my gun ownership. Does anyone else feel this way? oh no I posted this on a gun forum.Oh:eek:
  2. greyhawk50

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    I totally agree. I have a modest collection. However, I only post the ones that are relevant to the sight or topic, and I'm uncomfortable about that. I've even been known to go back and delete the pictures. I've never posted exactly how many or what they are. Besides, I buy, sell and trade all the time so my inventory is ever changing. Keeps everyone guessing including the wife, although she doesn't really care (such a sweetheart).
    I wouldn't call it being paranoid. More like being cautious. Paranoia is a fear based on a lack or understanding. And we know that this world is full of bad people.

  3. SWO1

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    FOUR4D4...The fact you are proud to own firearms is to be commended. It pleases me to see anybody that takes advantage of ANY RIGHT afforded by our great Country. I hate to think that myself and millions of other fine men and women worked and gave their lives and working carriers to help provide that opportunity.
  4. Hyphenated

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    Guns? What guns? I don't have any guns. :rolleyes:
  5. Windy

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    I am very proud to own some firearms. It makes me feel very independent and confident. Some people know I have firearms but I don't talk about it very much openly. There are many judgmental people who think if you own a gun you must be some kind of homicidal lunatic. Also, as has been mentioned by Four4D4, I don't like it to be general knowledge I own firearms.
  6. ButchPrice

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    I am proud to own my firearms, but am also conservative about describing the quantity, and location of mine as well. Out of sight and secured, to keep small hands from getting curious, and to prevent nefarious types from thinking they need 'em more than I do. I am proud to exercise my 2nd amendment rights.
    I also legally concealed carry, but I don't brag about it. The point is to have it if you need it, but no one else needs to know unless the situation requires it.
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    the exact number of firearms i own, between 1 and 500! like many others, my collection is always evolving and changing. interests change as well. sometimes i trade, sometimes i sell, but mostly i buy and keep. i am very vocal about my gun ownership rights and also very passionate about them. it's part of the reason i joined the NRA and post on several forums in the sections regarding gun owners and their 2nd admendment rights.

    i am very much against gun control laws, restrictions nad bans of any type of firearm. i am also very much in favor of repealing all gun control laws ever passed and for passing stricter criminal control laws and more states passing Castle Laws, putting more rights back into the hands of law abiding citizens vs. the criminals. i am in favor of more people carrying concealed and making the criminals think twice about easy scores and maybe they will realize that crime doesn't really pay.