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Mystery solved I think

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I didn't want to hijack another thread.

So here we go about a month ago I made a range trip with my newly acquired S&W 686. I'm on about my 20th round been firing 357mag when i decided to fire some 38spc.left over from a gun my wife sold.I'm on about my 3rd reload trying to open up the cylinder when the extractor wouldn't budge.So after a few minutes i get the extractor to eject the spent cases.I was concerned about the gun being one that was to be recalled and had to go in for repairs.But going thru the spent cases i found one that was split Pictures to be posted later.Here im concerened about starting the whole relading and makeing a screw up when here you should watch out for factory loads also.:confused:
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It looks like where the arrow is that was the hot spot,or weak spot any one with any comments, opinions are welcome. I should contact Remington!

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Yes...I would contact them immediately and if possible, submit the lot # from the inside box flap.

If nothing else, they will recall that lot so nobody else can possibly get injured.

..and maybe a case of ammo to the whistleblower...:rolleyes:
So the only problem you've had with the gun was extracting this one case? When I read it the first time I interpreted you having problems extracting all cases. You are only concerned about this one case...right? It wouldn't hurt to inform Remington, but I wouldn't be to concerned about it. I've had a split case of two from a box of new ammo several times. I reload almost nothing but lead. But with every newly acquired gun I buy at least one box of factory ammo to test the gun with. I had several split cases and extractor problems with the box I put through my new Taurus. The chambers are a bit roughly finished on it and I was worried they may be over sized. I measured them and they are fine, and the gun works well. It was a bad batch of cases.
So the only problem you've had with the gun was extracting this one case?
Yes just that case .And that was the only time there was any problem. Im calling Remington in the morning
BTW...damn good pic of that case !!
Thanks, it took me awhile to focus. I use white printing paper as a background. I think thats what helped!
It really did...looks professional !
Pic defines a scary element! The photo also seems to reveal other flaws & striations that run parallel to the rupture. With no marks on any other spent cases...that should rule out cylinder burrs, but there are two lines present in the photo, one on each side that suggest ridges in the cylinder or maybe it's just a photo anomally. The whole case looks pretty rough. If it wasn't a hot load, there shouldn't be any gas cuts on the cylinder wall, but that's another consideration to take a close inspect of. It's probably a bad piece or thin & brittle one? Never seen a straight wall case blow out and split like that...only splits and probably attributable to work hardening on the few I've had. I run target fodder through my Python. I don't load 38s very hot so I just stuff them over and over until something says "that's enough" at the case mouth and toss in the recycle bucket. By you contacting Remington, I reckon we all surmise this was a factory round. Let us know what Remy and/or the pistoleros at S&W say.
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