Name your most used powder

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  1. Bobshouse

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    I have always been worried about forgetting what type or brand of powder I have left in the hopper from my last reloading session (which might have been 6 months ago). I have worked it to where I can reload Everything with 1 powder, Hodgdon Clays. I load 12ga and 16ga shotshells, 12g slugs, .380, .38, .357, .45acp. Just have to check the drop rate and adjust for each load.
  2. R.Ph. 380

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    So far, only using Win 231 for handgun and Varget for rifle. Going to try some IMR 4895 for the rifle, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.


  3. Spoon

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    Use AA2700 in .284 & .30 cals with Ramshot TAC or X-terminator pushing pills in mild .223 thru hot 5.56 high-pressure rounds. BL-C2 is also useful, but I just ran the 8# jug dry last week.

    For handguns, ZIP or one of the "DOT" powders.