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National family at the range day

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Saturday, 15 June 2013 is "National Take your Kids to the Range Day". It started off last year with Dads n Daughters at the Range, but since the boys got left out the Husband/Wife that came up with the idea for the event decided to include all the kiddos.

We had a blast last June :D I awarded 1st-3rd places with different items for BR rim fire @ 50yds, AR off-hand @ 100 and Handgun of Choice at STD 7yd marks plus, overall pts leader with the lowest score receiving a bottle of energy water and a Bible (prayers might be really necessary in her case) :eek: We enjoyed a nice BBQ after powder burning was complete.

This year I'm adding a 10-shot Clay Bird event. With shells so darn's all I can afford to put forth for them considering all the center fire pistol and rifle fodder they'll eat through!

They all passed on shooting .243, 7mm-08, '06, 7mm Mag, but they did fire a mix of .22, .380, .38/.357, 9, 40 & 45 handguns along with .22 rim fire out of a Marlin and a Ruger 22 rifles, plus Federal Am Eagle 55gr FMJs from the AR.

We'll be back at it this year with more shooters to include a couple of older granddaughters, 3 or 4 grandsons and a 7yr old granddaughter who has really voiced her interest in learning to shoot and wants to hunt. We’ll all be at the Family Range on that day...Good LORD willing! Something for everyone to consider if you have access/reservations you can secure on some type of range. I challenge everyone on this site to get creative and share the fun times while exercising our threatened :mad: and most sacred RKBA!

I may have posted some of these pics before...I recall someone who shall remain unnamed asking about the old Oliver Tractor.


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Good luck with putting together a great family "CHALLENGE" event! And yes...I remembered who mentioned the tractor;).

Ladies and Gents...if you'll do a little extra thinking and planning...a similar annual shindig will have your family members talking about it over and over. Memories made...memories shared:D Time to start hitting up local vendors for a couple "prizes" to award. I didn't do anything fancy last year, but the girls really got a kick out of what I had stuffed into the bags. I think I spent total of $45, not including the Dollar Store gift bags.
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