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My unprofessional experience is....neck sizing extends case life. Assuming you are using all the cases in the same firearm there is a benefit. Brass becomes brittle as it is work hardened. Once your case has been fired it will expand to fill the chamber. No need to re-size the whole case, it will fit back into the same chamber. The only reason you need to neck size is to provide tension to hold the bullet in place. If it wasn't for the neck tension issue the case could be used over again "as is".

If you have more than one firearm in the same caliber you will have to keep your brass segregated if you go the neck size only route. I recently tested this theory because I have more than one .30-30win. (Image that!!) There was enough difference in chamber dimensions between rifles that, some cases required extra effort and some wouldn't chamber at all.

Soooo...if you have the luxury of having enough brass to designate a batch for each rifle I would go the neck sizing route. The less you work it the longer it lasts.
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