Need help with scope set up for my 336 rc

Discussion in 'Firearm Accessories & Gear' started by northriverhunter, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. northriverhunter

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    Want to put a scope on my 336 rc 30-30, but I want to get it as low as possible to help cheek weld when I shoot. I have a 44mm catseye scope but I'd like to put on a 32 or 40mm scope with a one piece steel base. Any suggestions on ring type, scope type?
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum northriverhunter !!

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    With any scope or rings I think the problem you will find is having enough clearance for the Hammer. I barley had clearence and could not attach a hammer spur.....which made it hard to manualy operate. Same problem on any guns with hammers, H7Rs, Rossi, my Black Powder.

    I can suggest you mount it high and add a removable cheek pad to raise your spot weld. Its an option that dosnt alter the stock as it is removable and adjustable for height.
  4. northriverhunter

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    I noticed that too, when looking at configurations. What I would like to do is put on an aperture sight and a tall front post and
    Leave at that. I do need a gun with a scope, one of my friends might sell his gun so it might work out for me that way. Thanks for the input!
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    Welcome to the forum Northriverhunter. I don't find having a super snug cheek weld as important on low recoiling rifles like the 30-30 or 35rem. The smaller dia. scopes (32mm or 38mm) will allow you to mount them as low as possible and still install a hammer spur. I think if you would mount a 4x32 in med height rings you will get a reasonable cheek weld and still have good thumb clearance on your hammer. If your eyes need a little more magnification as do mine, go with a 2-7x38mm. You'll be fine.