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Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Bud, Aug 23, 2015.

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    recent acquired a model 92 rifle that is missing everything forward of the receiver, such as the barrel, magazine tube, forward stock etc.... I believe it to be a .22, if anyone has any or all of the parts I need to make it functional please get back to me
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    Numerich may be a source for his old Marlin. Also a call to Jack Frost Gunshop in SD may lead to some parts.

    According to The Brophy book the 1892 designation was changed to Model '92 in 1905 and they were available in 32 rimfire/center fire (change firing pin) and 22 rimfire. Various barrel lengths both round and octagon.

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    Parts for the Model 1892/'92 are very tough to find. Numrich has nothing anymore, but at one time bought all the old Marlin parts when the factory moved in the late 1960's for a few cents a pound.
    Wisners Gun Parts has a few internal parts, and also carries a mag tube assembly to retrofit old Marlin .22RF lever guns to a new style mag tube. If you need the barrel and forearm, forearm cap, and hanger; I'd keep an eye on Ebay. That stuff shows up, but you need to check every few days.