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    I am from Rhode Island. I go to college in VA and play lacrosse there. My girlfriend goes to college in RI. I was supposed to join the military reserves before college and do it during. Those plans got halted. Part of me wants to transfer to her college in RI, join the reserves, stop playing lacrosse. Other part wants to stay in VA an play lacrosse and wait till graduation to enlist and a third part says stop college and go in active duty. I need some help
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    What is more important to you, lacrosse or enlisting in the United States Military?

    Only you can answer that question, it isn't our choice to make. I personally would transfer to a school in RI and join the reserves.... The last thing I would do is drop out.

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    Serving in the military is definitely higher priority i don't care about college and if I wasn't playing lacrosse i probably wouldn't have gone
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    Wont finishing college give you better opportunities for advancement in the military if you so choose it as a career? Specially if your taking courses in something they can use like engineering, languages, aviation, etc.?
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    I know of a couple guys that joined the Air Force and entered the field of Cyber Security. That is an occupation with a promising future. Just a suggestion.
    We all make life choices and live with the consequences, be it good or not so good. The final choice is yours and shouldn't be made by anyone else.
    We wish you the best success no matter what you chose.
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    Thank you all for your help. Greatly appraciated