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Any one else using Netflix?

Any suggestions?

I'm watching Terriers, it's a pretty good series so far.

Original story lines, funny characters, if you haven't seen it check it out.
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I just cancelled my subscription. Have been usin it for a couple years and ran out of material to watch. Seems like all I can find is less than B movies and series. I will give it some time and go back when I am settled in my new digs. I watch too much on there anyway. I need to get off my honkers and go outside. I got so fat since I lost my job last year I had to apply for my own zipcode.

Oh, I liked it. All the movies and TV shows you could want. I gave it an overall 4.3674921 and a half.
No, not me. I'm way too tight, :eek: I mean frugal. I'm thinking that money could be better spent on guns, ammo and hunting trips. :rolleyes:
For $8 a month you get all the entertainment you can stand.

I really like documentaries and Japanese movies so it seems I will never run out of stuff to watch.
Austin - The series FLASHPOINT, set in Canada about a SWAT team is fairly well done. 40 some odd 40min shows in the series. Want "old fashioned funny, ha-ha that most folks will watch, find RANGO in the search. Poor lizard and his perils of life in the desert. Some are better than others in this set. And I agree with there being a lot of "lesser" movies, but the variety is there and without the commercial breaks...not too bad. Grandkids have a variety of things on the Kids at $8/mon, it's not too much of a burden. We don't have cable or satellite, so need something besides local MSM and "Create TV"! Get the news off the net for a "fair and balanced" idea of what is bull and what needs my attention through letters/e-mails and occassional calls to elected officials. With things the way the are's cost effective to use Netflix to break the cycle. Account maintenance is key to seeing using the search feature will bring up titles you haven't heard of or may not have thought of.
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I've saved a ton of money not going to the video store. $8 is what I would pay in late fees every time I went.
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