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Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by KS95B40, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. KS95B40

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    Pictured is my 1895G Guide Gun that I picked up last Friday. Shot it on Saturday. This is the first Remington made Marlin that I've shot. The fit and finish on mine is as good as on my older 444P Outfitter. The recoil is similar as well.

    I know that the newer Remington made guns have spotty quality control and have seen some that have absolutely terrible wood to metal fit and almost flat looking metal finishes but mine has a nice deep blue satin metal finish (not high polish) nice figure to the wood and the wood fits well.

    I think that you just have to inspect each rifle to see if it up to standard. This rifle is a keeper.

    We were shooting at steel pigs with open sights at 100 yards and I hit 8 out of 10, missed 1 and 9, shooting .405gr LRN.


    with my top eject Winchester XTR Big Bore .375 (which recoils substantially more than the Guide Gun)
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    Nice,Welcome to the forum

  3. Gumpy

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    Welcome to the forum. Love them lever guns!!

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    Nice looking rifle!
  5. jbaker30

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    Welcome to the forum KS. Nice rifle you got there. Glad to see remington's putting out a better rifle now.
  6. Bush_Ranger

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    I just bought a model 1895GBL 45-70 and only fired six rounds out of it before having to send it back to Marlin. The rifle shot over 18" down and to the right of the bulls eye. This is my second Marlin lever rifle, the first was a model 336C in 30-30. I love the look, feel, and caliber of the new weapon, but really wish Marlin used better quality control. I suspect if the don't soon, they'll be out of business, which would be a real shame.

    When I get the rifle back, I'm sending it to Grizzly Custom Rifles for their Bush Hawg accurizing.

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  7. greyhawk50

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    Very nice pair of levers.
    Welcome to the Marlin Forum. Glad to have you join us.
  8. Hillbilly

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    I owned a new Marlin 1895 a few months back
    It was a sweet shooter
    Slick action from the factory
    No functional issues at all
    Fit and finish wasn't bad either

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  9. Hillbilly

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    The 1895 gbl has to go back to Marlin for repair
    Carrier problems

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  10. tracker1

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    I hate to hear that, I'm looking to buy that same rifle. I had a GG years ago and had to sell it. the GBL looks like it has everything I wanted on my first GG. I found this site and figured I would do a little research.
  11. Hillbilly

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    I took the 1895 apart last night and took a look at it put it back together cycled the action a bunch of times and when the lever would catch I just slammed it shut past the catch a bunch of times even with a round chambered (don't try this at home) and low and behold it is smoothing out
    I talked to Marlin today they said the carrier spring is just stiff because it is new it will loosen up and that the gun just needs broke in
    I'm not sending it back
    I'm gonna shoot the fire out of it
    I wouldn't shy away from buying the 1895 gbl it's an awesome gun just needs broke in
    By the way the 336bl I bought is Awesome no problems

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  12. Hillbilly

    Hillbilly Well-Known Member

    The tech at Marlin told me today that they are producing the 1894c 357 mag right now and are selling them faster than they can make em
    I don't think Marlin is going out of business any time soon

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