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Discussion in 'Lever Action' started by 2fish, Oct 28, 2013.

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    Hi all, new to the forum with a couple questions. I've just picked up a new 336, going through the manual I am struggling to understand something. Page 8 indicates "Never attempt to pull the trigger when the safety mechanism is activated in the safe position".

    Page 22 indicates: "with the safety mechanism engaged, cycle the action and fully close the lever by rotating it rearward. Pull the trigger fully rearward and then remove your finger from the trigger. The hammer should release".

    Dry fire or no? Pull trigger with safety engaged or no? Thanks in advance.
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    let marlin explain it

    You can ask the factory. It maybe something that needs to be redefined in the manual. It does not make sense to me either.

    I dont dryfire against the safety, but i do dryfire with the safety off.

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    Welcome to the Marlin Forum.
    Someone with a better understanding of the new 336s should chime in shortly. My 336 is a pre-safety model.
    I give you credit for reading the entire manual. Something that I seldom do. I generally skip the basics and read the high points. Not saying that I know everything, obviously I don't, but I've owned firearms for 55+ years and most were used and came without the manual.
    I was taught as a youngster to never dry fire a weapon. Some say it is OK with today's guns but I can't bring myself to intentionally dry fire. Safety or no safety, I lower the hammer on my 336 slowly by restricting the travel with my thumb on the hammer, whether for empty storage or loaded safe carry.
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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum !!
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    Welcome to the forum !
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    Greyhawk 50, I'm with you, I'm in my 60's and my dad would get out of his grave and kick my tail all over the world for intentionally dry firing ANY gun.
    On the other hand what is a safety for if it is not to prevent a firing sequence to complete!
    If I have a safety engaged, and the trigger is pulled, absolutely NOTHING should happen!
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    I appreciate the welcomes and other replies. This is my first lever, but certainly not my first firearm. I've wanted one so I bought it. I'm kind of anal about reading manuals. At this point it will be a plinker, but may deer hunt with it in the future.

    I would agree with not dry firing older weapons, or rimfires. Most of todays firearms accept dry firing without problems. I'm just confused by this one.
  8. greyhawk50

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    When I was just a lad, my first rifle was a Daisy Pump BB Gun. While firing it one day, it ran empty w/o my knowledge. I pulled the trigger and the firing pin came flying out the end of the barrel. Dad was able to replace it but the downtime was unpleasant.
    Just recently, I acquired a 20 ga. O/U w/o a selector switch. Not knowing which barrel fired first (and being a little short on smarts that day), with the action open, I placed my index finger over the firing pins and pulled the trigger. It took 3 weeks for the blood blister to dissolve. Not to mention the sting. That much force moving forward w/o anything to stop it has the potential to break the firing pin.
    Dropping the hammer on a cross bar safety or even a slide block safety (as with the de-cock lever on a pistol) should be less harmful but it's still metal on metal contact with a great deal of force.
    I know what they claim to be OK. To each their own. But just my opinion, I don't think Snap Caps are made just for older guns. and we don't have a reputable gun smith in my area.
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    I have a new 336w and when I put the safety and pull the trigger nothing happens.
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    On my 308MX and 336D if I pull the trigger with the safety on the hammer will fall against the safety. The safety is there for carrying on safe and to allow the hammer to be lowered safely after chambering a round. Most people don't like the safety but it does offer a safe way to lower the hammer after chambering a round. A buddy of mine shot a hole through his tire after trying to lower the hammer on a lever action wearing gloves and the hammer slipped, which should be a good reminder to always point your rifle in a safe direction when doing that to begin with.