New $70 Shooting Bench

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    Nothing fancy, but tired of shooting from a less stable/desirable cable spool table at son-in-law's range. It's "wife-approved" for function, so I guess I'm not in the dagw house for building it.

    Top is 4' X 4' pc of Birch Plywood; Posts are treated and best I could find 2X4s for skirting/bracing. Corner post installed with 5/16 X 4 1/2 lag screws and the rest is deck screw with coated 1/4 X 1 1/4in crown staples for the stiffeners on the unsupported area

    Had some MinWax stain and slathered it helter-shelter on the top and skirt then two heavy coats of polyurethane to seal the whole thing, since it'll be setting under a big walnut tree in the weather. May need to go ahead and build a 4-post leanto to cut down on the outdoor effects. Another project for a later date.

    Of course, my XL in '06 dressed in the Boyd's FT stock with the Lead Sled had to be included on this Forum! Please excuse the clutter...need to erect some shelf units for all the extras that seem to find their way into the shop.

    This will be "dedicated" in honor of our 4 daughters and 1 daughter-in-law to remind them that "Daughters at the Range Day" comes in June. Now they'll have little excuse for the bench competiton in 2013 with the rimfire and centerfire events. We had a literal blast last year and I expect some grand daughters to chime in this go around (aged 7-23). The theme for 2013 has been changed by the creators to open it to sons/grandsons too, so it will probably turn out to be an all day affair. The last 2 pics show our eldest and the baby of the bunch.

    Shoot more...shoot more often with family! Times may be coming where our survival will depend on it.

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    Like the bench, Like the gun, Like the JD in the last pic.....I would move it, or have ya already shot the Tars out.............:eek:

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    Really like the bench. Looks a lot like my loading bench except for the shape of the top.
    You done good, my friend. Should give you many hours of pleasure with the family.
    :D I'm envious of your outdoor range. Must be nice to step out back and shoot whenever the spirit moves you. ;)
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    Not a JD

    It's actually an old OLIVER and if anyone in our family was to hit that piece of equipment...they'd be banned for life! Lots of room between it and the 100yd target. Note the MDF stacks...dual purpose guns n bows.

    Hey...did I hear a long beard laughing at ya? Good Luck next Monday. I ain't decided whether or not to invest in the MDCs turkey fund yet.
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    It's actually about a 20 minute backroads drive to the oldest daughter's house. Convenient for sure. A bunch of us checked the zeros on the scope last fall the day before season (Friday) and that Sunday afternoon, Jeff (son-in-law) killed a heavy wide 12 pointer about 150 yds down the hill and to the right of the range with the Black Dawn M4 you see his wife shooting in the pics. Regular gun fire don't spook 'em at all, especially when luv'ns on their minds.