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    Received my new earplugs today. $5.95 delivered total cost. They even come with an extra set of plugs. These even received excellent customer rating. Can't beat that no how. I bought them off Amazon.
    NRR25 and comfortable to wear for long period of time. So much easier to use than earmuffs. Just hang from my neck when not in my ears and no sweating like from earmuffs. My last set of another brand finally broke after a few years and I liked them so much I had to have another set similar to those. These seem better made than my old set.
    I wear these when mowing or around anything causing loud noise. I sure wish I had used hearing protection when I was younger. I keep these at my back door so if I am going to be doing anything that's loud I just hang them around my neck ready to put in my ears.

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    I like those like you said about the earmuffs and sweating.I also find it hard to get a good cheek weld with earmuffs on

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    That style are called "canal caps". I've tried them, but we're uncomfortable for me. But I needed them sometimes 12 hours a day for my job. I use in the ear disposables or my custom molded in the ear ones. The custom are the most comfortable for me. However I do add muffs and double up shooting .30-06.
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    I have tried the disposable squeeze type and they don't work for me. I don't know why but all they do is hurt like hell and do very little reducing loud sound.
    I tested these while firing my LCR 357 and they really performed well as expected.
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