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    Hello from the thumb of Michigan. I'd have to say marlin rifles are my favorite. I own a single shot model 200 in 12 ga. A sears/marlin 35 rem. A model 60 and 99 m1(my favorite at this time). Here are a few pics.

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    Welcome to the Marlin Firearms Forum jnhfrahm !!

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    nice guns,welcome to the forum!
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    Welcome to the forum/ Glad to have you with us.
    Those are nice guns. I especially like the 99M1 with the squirrel.

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    Welcome to the forum. Hello fellow Michigander I was born and raised in Michigan
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    Welcome from the tip of the mitten in northeast lower Michigan .
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    Just a little off the subject...

    First, welcome to the Marlin Forum. I am new here too. Just joined up a couple weeks ago and I feel right at home around all these Marlin Savvy gunners.

    I have heard/read about a weird deer anomaly that happens in Michigan. I read an article years ago about a particular herd of Whitetails that lived in an extremely remote and rough area of Michigan. These deer were extremely secretive and hard to track. Makes me wonder if they were embarrassed about their eating habits...:)

    The article was from Outdoor Life or Field and Stream Magazine. Seems these deer were partial to the Tullibees that were stranded on the beach area after the tide went out. I don't know how that would happen but the author wrote it and since I had no way to prove or disprove his information I always just assumed it was true. I do really believe this could be true, because from what the author.hunter said the area was sparcely vegetated and the animals may have been in dire need of protein and resorted to a high fat/high protein fish. The Tullibee may be such a fish.

    Have you ever heard of this happening with deer in Michigan?

    Anyone ever hear of this?
  8. jnhfrahm

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    Nope never heard that before. I will do some checking around to find out. Deer that eat fish hmm :) ill get to the bottom of that story for ya !
  9. hombre243

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    Strange story...fishy?

    I know it is weird. Wish I would have had a computer back then, but that was before the Commodore 64 even.
  10. jnhfrahm

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    I asked some of the older fellas I work with about the fish eating deer. In Michigan we don't have tides so the ability for the deer to capture the fish is slim. As they don't have claws or very sharp teeth. They did say on Drummond island there are deer that can not escape and that they might have consumed meat a long time ago. I was informed today that deer eat bread! :)
  11. hombre243

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    Strange story

    Wish I knew where the story originated. I do know for sure was Michigan, and I seem to remember something about an island area. The writer said he watched the deer on several occasions during the season as he looked for a trophy buck. It was many years ago I read it. If I can dig up anything I will let you know.

  12. Ickaber

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    It seems there's a lot of these stories around. Just google it.

    Well, here's a guy telling the same story in 2008.

    Here's an interesting article. My favorite quote from this one is, “We need to consider rethinking the notion that deer are herbivores and instead consider them omnivores that just aren’t good at catching game,” said Bradley Thurston, M.D., a retired Indiana plastic surgeon and independent deer researcher.

  13. hombre243

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    YES...It was Alewives

    YES!...Not Tullibees, it was Alewives. Now we have that ...I contacted Outdoor Life
  14. jnhfrahm

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    Wow that is some knowledge right there! I never thought that deer would eat fish or a snickers bar. Lol when I asked some people today they did not seem surprised at all. One person told me a couple days ago he was loading something into the back of a customers truck and it was filled with loaves of bread. The guy was baiting with bread. He said the deer like it better than carrots and it was cheaper for him to buy expired bread than it was to buy a couple bags of carrots. I'm going to check with other locals and see what they have witnessed deer eating that was odd.
  15. hombre243

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    Interesting info

    Makes me wonder just what I DON"T know about those animules.:)
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    jnhfrahm...If you're feedin the deer bread, it better be Whole Wheat or Milti-grain. Otherwise the TreeHuggers will be on your case........:rolleyes:
  17. jnhfrahm

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    I know. I haven't tried it yet. I was informed today that the sugar beets we bait with are going to be tested for chemicals. Most sugar beets are "round up ready"seeds. Which is very dangerous for deer but ok for humans Hmm sounds kinda funny but they are going to charge a large fee if your caught using them. So I guess the beets are to be "organic" also go the animals sake.
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    Welcome aboard Mate !
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    A bit late...but WELCOME! Sounds like you've got some interesting bits & pieces to add to the Marlin Forum. Deer-eating fish or fish-eating deer? In the great outdoors with the need for survival...I don't doubt there's other odd and interesting facts that might bring guffaws and accusations of a fella being off his rocker!

    As for feeding them, depends on the state, but food plots arent' bait and are no different that CRP. The overall benefits outweigh what a hunter or three might harvest over them and all sorts of critters benefit. In MO, just have to remove piles of feed and feeders 10 days before hunting season opens. I know guys that feed almost year round and just leave the feeders empty until after season and then put back the eats to keep the deer/turkeys around. Most of us like to just witness them; it's not all about killing. Anything sportsmen do to aid in their survival as a whole is a lot more than the tree huggers contribute that complain about "mean" hunters. Without us...there wouldn't be the numbers of fish, fowl and animals in the numbers that exist today.

    Again Welcome to the Forum:)

    BTW - Those are some classic weapons you have. Must be a tradition 'cause your not going to find many like that available on the open market.
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