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New gear today ...... I hope

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Have a new trigger and optic booster comming in the US MAIL. They were shipped from the supplier 6 days ago priority mail. Priority is advertised to be delivered 1-3 days ..... :rolleyes: The booster is comming from Maine and the Trigger from Texas. The ammo I ordered from Arizona is by UPS and its RIGHT ON TIME. Why does the USPS lose BILLIONS every year .... another Government Ran Service .... says it all.
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I hate the USPS, they can't deliver anything other than envelopes to my office. Anytime it's a package or something that requires a signature they sent it back saying the address doesn't exist but they obviously assigned us the address. Amazon uses them for the last mile delivery, they will ship FedEx to the post office and then have them deliver. The tracking updates are wrong, stuff says delivered and it's not, or I will get an update saying we attempted delivery and we were home all day. I've had to do 2 claims with Amazon in the past month for things that never got delivered correctly. I sent a gift card to my nephew in VA, I ordered it Dec 10th, promised delivery Dec 11th, shows up in the USPS tracking as delivered Nov 18th. Time travel delivery on something they never got. They SUCK.
Thanks for the information on the lot testing, I knew it was done, but didn't really know the process. There's probably more to it, but now I'm a little smarter today. Thanks.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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