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New gear today ...... I hope

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Have a new trigger and optic booster comming in the US MAIL. They were shipped from the supplier 6 days ago priority mail. Priority is advertised to be delivered 1-3 days ..... :rolleyes: The booster is comming from Maine and the Trigger from Texas. The ammo I ordered from Arizona is by UPS and its RIGHT ON TIME. Why does the USPS lose BILLIONS every year .... another Government Ran Service .... says it all.
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I've got 5,000 rounds of Eley that have never been shot ( or tested by me... )...gotta look and see what the lot # is...or was ( it's years old... 2008 ) and at the bottom of all my recent purchase .22lr ammo...

70.36 bricks of 500 each: 35,180 rounds. ( yea...I gotta spreadsheet to track ALL my ammo purchases and usage )
Target...Yellow Box from what I remember.
1 - 2 of 28 Posts
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